ICELAND WATERS LTD is an export company serving many European and American companies with gourmet seafood from Iceland. The ICELAND WATERS trademark stands for good product quality, wide product range and convenience. The company founded in 1972 has a long tradition in the supply of canned, preserved and frozen seafood to many leading European and American distributors.

Among the Icelandic specialities exported are various local caviars from Lumpfish and Capelin roe. Frozen capelin roe as well as seasoned capelin roe “masago”. Canned shrimp, canned cod liver and herring specialities are well known specialities. IQF, cooked and peeled shrimp/prawns are one of our most popular items as well as added value packs from a wide range of demersal species.

We are looking forward to serving you with gourmet ICELAND WATERS brand products or in private label. Enquiries from retail, catering, or industry are welcome.
Iceland Waters
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